Monday, February 28, 2011

Cut Copy: Zonoscope

Cut Copy’s first two albums Bright Like Neon Love and In Ghost Colours were certainly crowd-pleasers. The song writing was tight and poppy with the occasional flight of fancy outside regular pop structure.

Zonoscope however, gives the band an opportunity to show a little more of their id and indulge their experimental side. While there are choruses and refrains, the album feels a little more like a jam than past efforts. This shift in method becomes most obvious on Zonoscope’s last track “Sun God” which is a whopping fifteen minutes long and fades into an enthralling ambient instrumental.

At the same time though there are still a number of catchy, self-contained, pop numbers like “Take Me Over” and “Alisa”. Fans will not be disappointed by the mixture of old and new writing on this record.