Friday, January 27, 2012

Rhianna has left the building

Tonight I plan to schlep over to Stereo Live to watch Clavin Harris tonight knowing full well the crop of amazing fuckheads that I'll run into. The drinks will be expensive: there will be no lone star to speak of (unless that's changed). There will be throngs of jail bait most likely lured there in hopes of finding Rhianna since that's the only exposure they have this young Scottish artist.

He provided a cheesy, bare bones, organ riff for that Rhianna song which has a name that escapes me. Some nonsense about yellow diamonds. But at least he didn't fully throw down for the song. It would have almost been more disappointing to know that he broke a sweat offering something really good that would guild such a low-quality, top 40 turd. I'm imagining Harris plunking down the simple two chord riff on his laptop, emailing it to the producer, and getting a check for thousands of dollars. It's one of the few times that mediocrity equals awesome.

I plan to jump up on stage before he goes, grab the mic, and bellow that Rhianna has left the building to see how many morons I can get to leave. Besides that though, the show should be pretty sweet. A lot of his music has been panned by critics most likely because the name of his first LP was "I created disco" which is kind of presumptuous. But as far as fun, electronic music goes, it's way better than David Guetta or any of that dubstep bullshit.

The Shows of early 2012

I'm back. No, for real. I'm back and I plan to keep this blog updated like I used to. I used to update like a champ and then I let it all go to shit. No more. This blog was my baby and so shall it be once again. Anyway. . .

It's shaping up to be a pretty decent new year with a decent crop of interesting shows on the Houston horizon. Here are my top picks for February.

2/14 The Polyphonic Spree: say what you want about them; they're too happy, they're too weird, their garb reminds you of Raelians meet Harikrishna. But fuck, they're Trent Reznor's favorite live band! Someone told me this today and from YouTube videos I've seen, I can sort of believe this.

2/16 Los Campesinos!: peppy British indie-rock with a very big sound. They have a lot of albums out for a band of their age. One of the more memorable twee type acts these days.

2/18 This Will Destroy You: super-minimalist post-rock that makes you feel high without a speck of THC. It's drony, alienating, swirling post-rock from San Marcos Texas.

2/23 Reptar: I've already gushed over how much I liked these guys at ACL so I'll hold back a bit. This will be the band's second time at Fitz but their first time as a headlining act.

2/28 The Legendary Shack Shakers: a second wave psychobilly act who have toured with the likes of Rev Horton Heat.